Music For Every Mood

Studies have proven that music can help elevate one’s mood, but how exactly does this happen?

Music can have an immense emotional effect on us; its tempo, loudness, pitch and harmony all play an integral part in how it impacts us. However, how does timbre fit in this equation?


Cliches aside, music truly can make us happy. From top 40 hits to joyful soul jams from the 60s and 70s, these upbeat tunes can put us all in an upbeat frame of mind.

These tunes will get your blood pumping and leave you smiling! Celebrate something exciting, or recover from heartbreak with country music that gets the blood flowing in style.

No doubt you’ll soon be dancing, headbanging and singing along! Our playlist will have you moving in no time at all; perfect for getting into the groove, feeling good, blasting through your car window with windows down singing to the top of your lungs – powerful jangly pick-me-ups that’ll have you feeling fabulous and ready to take on life.


No matter if it’s heartbreak or just the passing of seasons; music can often help us wallowing in our emotions. Here are a few songs to get the ball rolling.

Scientists have long wondered why so many find sad music comforting, yet scientific researchers believe listening to sad music may actually bring pleasure. One theory suggests it could be because listening to sad songs simulates negative emotions such as those associated with separation or death without actually forcing listeners through them directly, allowing them to explore feelings they otherwise cannot express (Vuoskoski & Eerola 2012).


When feeling anxious, soft or soothing music can help calm both mind and body. Studies have also demonstrated how such music may increase functional connectivity in the frontal lobe – an area associated with mood regulation.

This song depicts an individual experiencing anxiety and depression, often feeling trapped by her past. Though she wants to leave behind this haunting place of the past, the journey ahead can be long and treacherous.

Kehlani explores the anxieties associated with bipolar disorder in this heartfelt hit by Kehlani. Her song captures both loneliness and the feeling of overwhelm associated with bipolar disorders; listening to such songs may help you understand that you’re not alone in experiencing such emotions.


Researchers have revealed that music has the power to bring on different emotions and moods. If you want a boost of energy, put on your fast-paced beats from pop songs or techno playlists; these genres of music will stimulate the brain while increasing blood flow and energy levels.

Avoid music that provokes feelings of anger or sadness as this can promote rumination – which can be damaging to mental health. Rumination has been linked with depression and other health conditions. Instead, try listening to a playlist which gradually moves from an uncomfortable emotion you’re experiencing to one which represents a desired emotion – this method of regulation known as the iso-principle could provide a healthy way of managing emotions.


Romantic music emphasizes individual expression and rule-breaking over classical musical structures. Composers like Liszt and Chopin wrote piano compositions which focused on emotions as protagonists, using repeated melodic motifs to help identify characters or express a specific emotion.

Puccini was one of the masters of classical romantic music, known for his heartrending arias for star-crossed lovers which captured all the passion, anguish and devastation associated with doomed love. Wagner wrote his signature music with great drama – his operas often explored similar topics!

This playlist is perfect for date night or romantic evening! From pop romance songs to emotional pieces that inspire feelings of romance and longing, this collection has something special for every mood and occasion!