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Rock Beginning

Under the fatal music we refer to the synthesis of rhythm and blues negro and country music. A particular rhythmic pattern was borrowed from the first direction (reverse beat: emphasis on the second and fourth beat of the rhythm), from the second - the completeness of the compositions and improvisation compared to the blues. Rock is a protest against the political situation in the country, the values ​​of the older generation, the way of self-expression and the affirmation of one's views on life. The confrontation is due to the lyrics of the songs and the aggressive way of performing.Read More

Rock Music Festivals

For many people a trip cannot be organized and experienced without the right soundtrack. Music is the backdrop to many important events in our lives and, certainly, it can represent a relevant aspect in any self-respecting tour. Are you planning your next departure and would you like to include some important musical event in your itinerary? In every part of the world, music festivals of different sizes are periodically organized, dedicated to a certain musical genre or hosting world famous singers and bands. Let's get to know together which are the most important rock music festivals i...

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